Information evenings future parents

A number of times a year there is a course for future parents. This brings up the various aspects of the pregnancy, childbirth and pre-natal period. The course is for all the fathers and mothers who want to know more about the pregnancy and baby.

Bon cria

The purpose of this course is to allow parents to reflect on their role as educators. It examines the private education and they get to know more education alternatives. At the meeting several topics are discussed. This course is for people who want to know more about the education of there child.

Diabetes Course

The course Diabetes is given for all diabetics. In these course there is given attention to various aspects of the disease.

Subjects are:
What is diabetes - Treatment of this disease - diet treatment - Treatment with medications - Diabetes and movement - High and low sugar - Complications - Feet treatment. 

This course is designed for anyone who suffers from diabetes. Have you recently discovered that you suffer from diabetes or if you are suffering from diabetes for a while and you want to learn more,  you are welcome at this course.

Suiker-Cholesterol-Bloeddruk Controles

Checks will be held at Savaneta and North. For the next few months that will be:

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