Mother course

There will be different information given every night of the course

For example:

  • Pregnancy/Natural child birth
  • Pregnancy/Complication of childbirth
  • Information about delivery room
  • Preparacion voor childbirth
  • Dental care during pregnancy
  • Nutrition durning pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • After childbirth care
  • Relationschip between parent and child
  • Training with real baby

Location: Club Kibrahacha na Piedra Plat

Place:Club Kibrahacha att Piedra Plat

Days:Tuesday and Thursday

Hours:7.00-9.00 pm

 Afl:45,- for one person

 Afl:60,-for two person

Afl:20,- for mother course book

Would you like to participate in this mother course or you have, any question you may contact us at tel: 523-4444