White Yellow Crows 1942-1959

As early as 1942 came in the annual report of "The White Yellow Cross Curaçao", a small note on the plans for Aruba. It says: "The Roman Catholic Union in Aruba wants to establish a private association for the White Yellow Cross."
In this year at the request of several people in Aruba there came an investigation. It examined what the White Yellow Cross for the people of Aruba can do. This study that there showed a need for nursing and care for elderly. In the beginning they decided to start only with Home care. On Oct. 1, 1946, Sister Hanenwinkel, charge nurse of Home care at Curaçao, was sent to Aruba to set up the Home care

On December 8, 1948, the foundation Aruba is being establisted. The activities began in Oranjestad and North, and gradually expanded its operations to St.Cruz, Savaneta and San Nicolas.

The condition of the foundation Aruba, looked very bleak. Due to lack of nurses, we had to hire private nurses. The funding by the island, was barely enough to cover the cost of services provided by the government. The attempts that were made to get support by individuals, result to nothing. In these years the Wit Gele Kruis hadn’t got much contact with the White Yellow Cross Curaçao.
In October 1956, Mr. Jan Meelis goes to Curaçao for a comprehensive reporting of the adverse situation. He was given permission to form a new board and concept designs statutes to which new ideas were processed.
In May 1957, the gentlemen Wever, Bijl and Meelis are authorized to establish an independent foundation. This foundation will be "Het Wit Gele Kruis Aruba". 
July 28, 1959 is the official date of birth of the "Foundation for Volkshygiëne The Wit Gele Kruis Aruba. The founders are Messrs. W. De Graaf, J. Meelis and E. Arends. Mr. W. De Graaf was chairman, and Zr. Perpetua first charge nurse.

White Yellow Crows after 1959

After 1959
Since the year 1959 the Aruban White Yellow Cross is an entirely independent and successful organization. The work such as nursing, maternity and Infant welfare centre became to flourish. Since September 1999, the nursing department split in the Home care and department Mature - and childcare and Information Section. At present, the Wit Gele kruis Aruba has over eight district office and 48 staffmembers. During the past few years, since 1959, there have been many memorable events.
Number of Members: 65. Headnurse: Zr.Perpetua from Asten.

Second district nurse Zr.Ewalda from Asten
Consultation office for infants in Paradera and Brasil. The consultancy was held in the school there. First-arts consultancy: Dr. de la Fuente
There are committee meetings held in order to examine possibilities to train students for family care, maternity nurse and assistant nurse.

Together with the other islands, Aruba came to a satisfactory agreement for service rendered a PPK patients to get reimbursed for over the next few years. The White Yellow Cross begins with smallpock vaccination. The first Aruban assistant nurse comes into service.
Opening district office Oranjestad. 3 maternity nurses received their diploma. The White Yellow Crows starts with vaccinations against D.K.T.P.

Opening district office San Nicholaas by Queen H.M.. Opening office in Oranjestad Consultation office Noord. 
Opening the third district office at St.Cruz. Project "nursing and resthome" submitted to the Bestuurscollege of Aruba.

First mother course on St.Cruz by Zr.Ludovic. Course "Manual" for the elderly and handicapped in San Nicolas by Zr.Gaudiosa.
Consultation office for infants and toddlers. After 10 years Wit Gele kruis  has 2230 members, 2 doctors employed and 14 official cars. 10th anniversary to Centro Educativo Cristian.
Opening district office in North and Savaneta.

Headquarters at Dakota. Building Antillean Youth Federation.
Team work with mentally disabled people under the leadership of Zr. Philotea. 
The White Yellow Cross received a "Appreciation Award" by Kiwanis.


Lease contract with Arucar: 20 volkswagens
Hoofdzuster Ludovic leaves Aruba. M. Pourier - Henricus is acting charge nurse

Beginning Ewing and Denver test led by Drs. T. Croes. In addition, the White Yellow Cross in 1979, in collaboration with Youth, Woman's club and Checkpoint Color launched a campaign for breast-feeding incentive. There were two slogans chosen: "Lechi Pecho Bo yiu su derecho" and "Breast is best".
Opening district office Dakota, Paradera, Brasil. Staff joined the union: ABV.
Aruba Island Territory subsidizes the salaries of the permanent staff
Celebration 25 anniversary of the Foundation  at the Paloma Restaurant. Seminar in honor of 5th Anniversary in the auditorium Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital.
Lease contract with Garage Cordia: 18 Toyotas.

Opening headquarters at the Koningstraat. Mother course new style: information evenings for one parent families.
Technical assistance from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Last religious mission sister from Asten leaves Aruba
Sepa becomes union of the staff.
Dietician employed by the foundation.
Automation started. First female director employed.

Introducing new file system for infants and child office.
Second Director in the service. Administrator employed.
First male caretaker employed.
Interim manager instead of Director.
Third director in the service. Splitting in nursing into: Parent, maternity & Child care and Home care. Celebration of 40 years of the foundation with a symposium in the Marriot Hotel.

The executives
Check here, to see who were in charge of the Wit Gele Kruis trough the years
Programmes from the White Yellow Cross
The White Yellow Cross has always been progressive. So over the years there have been organized  a number of training courses by our organization.