White and Yellow Cross Aruba

The independent foundation the White Yellow Cross offers services in the field of non-hospital care. The main objective of the Foundation is moving forward, activate and optimize the healthcare for the Aruban community. For more information about the White Yellow Cross, click here.
The White Yellow Cross is active in the following areas: 
1. Home care
The purpose of Home care is to take care of people in their own environment. Many people can no longer entirely take care of themselves or need assistance to daily care. The Home care provides the following services: Care at home, care for diabetes, wound care and preventive care.
Furthermore is giving information a big part of this department, particularly in the area of diabetes. Under the heading of Home care you can find out more about the services of the White Yellow Cross in this area.

2. Parent and Childcare
During pregnancy and after childbirth, many parents need guidance, information and care. The Department Parent, child and maternity care offers these services. During pregnancy, there are various information sessions about the future parenthood. Also, they can advise you in the necessities for the baby.
After giving birth, we offer maternity care and consultation for the baby. For more information, please contact the office of the White Yellow Cross or look on this website.

3. Information on nutrition
The White Yellow cross has its own dietician in service for clients and children of 0-5 years. The dietician is the appropriate  person to answer all questions about nutrition and diet. This advice can be individually or by group. To make an appointment, please contact the head office of the White Yellow Cross at 523-4444
4. Information for diabetes
Our nurse specializing in diabetes can give you information about this disease. You can make an appointment with the nurse to find out about diabetes. The nurse will help you so that in the future you can deal with diabetes in a responsible way. For advice from the diabetes nurse please contact the head office of the White Yellow Cross at 523-4444.

5.Alphahulp ( Homeservice)

6.Zorgwinkelmagazijn ( Disability service)
 Our Zorgwinkelmagazijn officially opened on 19th July 2012 20110 to offer various products to the Aruban community with the purposse of makin their daily live easier.Clik on the link to get more information about this department and to see wich products we have to offer.

7. Control of blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides in different districts


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