Health care at home

The assistance provided in the home-care offered depends on the type of care.If necessary an intervieuw hold every care in the mapping.This interview is conducted with the Home-care boss.the care recipient and family/Cares.

This can at home or office or (before or after the patient release in the hospital). Then the health care tailored to the need of the client. Here we look at the suggestions at home and what tools are necessary here.

Voor het aanvragen voor een zorg of wilt u meer informatie hierover, zijn we bereikbaar op telefoonummer 523-4444, hier kan je de boodschap achterlaten, bij de telefooniste en zij zal de hoofd van de wijk ervan op de hoogte stellen.

Home care

Address:Paradera 131-B

Teamleader:Liesbeth Arends

tel (297) 523-4444

tel (297) 523-4406

fax (297) 588-3724

fax (297) 582-4754


Offered help

  • Bath
  • Hair care
  • Oral care
  • Nail car

Nursing action

  • Injections
  • Insuline administration
  • Eye drops in
  • Cathetercare/Rinse
  • Wound care
  • Stomach Care


  • Educations information
  • Instruction administer insulin
  • Instruction administer insulin
  • Diabetes surgery/Diabetes cours

Preventire care

  • Control of blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Control of cholesterol
  • Control of Triglycerides