It is also possible to a request for a prenatal home visite. The maternity nurse comes to your home to meet your family and to provide information over nutrition, breast-feeding, hygiene and make sure you have all the necessities for the care of the baby. You can also visit the maternity nurse for more information.

After giving birth

If you need support and information after the birth of your child, you can rely on the maternity care. A nurse comes to your home to help you during the maternity period. They can give you advice and instructions about care for mother and child. They accompany you so that you can continue the care in a responsible manner after the maternity period.

After giving birth

Cuido di parto

Tur hende por bin na remarke pa haña cuido di parto. E persona na encargo di e cuido ta responsabel pa atende e señora cu a haña yiu y e recien naci. E lo guiabo suficiente despues di e periodo di parto, bo lo sigui cu e cuido ariba un manera responsabel.

Cuido di parto

Requirements for maternity care

Baby bath, baby soap, diaper,  face cloth, diaper to be drying, towel, cotton, alcohol ketonatus 70%, cotton, baby oil, Baby clothes, hair brush.

* For prices on maternity care check the pricelist

Neonatal hearing screening

For the development of the child is a healthy hearing very important . Between the fourth and seventh day, the nurse or caretaker come to your home to take the screening. This is done with the OAE machine that  measures the Otto Acoustic Emissions. These are very subtle sounds that the ear produces. They can be measured by closing the ear with a cap in which a speaker and a microphone mounted.

Neonatal hearing screening

Infants care

The objective of this sector is prevention, taking into account the growth and development of healthy children between 0-5 years. For children up to 18 months, we offer consultations. During such a consultation the child is being examined by a doctor or a nurse. The baby is weighed, skull girth and length are measured, vaccinations against childhood diseases are being given, growth and development is monitored and safety information is given. Transfer to a general practitioner. On indication, we also do home visits.

Infants care

Dental care

Office for toddlers between 20 and 24 months. The Youth dentist checks teeth and dietician is available to give advice about nutrition.


This stands for Office Information and education questions. The counselling is for children between 2½ - 3 years. The aim is to provide information and consultancy services on various aspects relating the upbringing. And if necessary you could be redirected to a orthepedist. The development is monitored by the Van Wiechen schedule.
You can come to us with all your questions


Information evenings for future parents

To prepare the future parents for the birth, we organize information lectures in different districts. During Pregnancy,childbirth and after care.


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