Biba Amor Aruba/ Sexual Education

What are the goals for Sexual Education?

The goals for sexual Education are to give the adolescent the right information, To help shape the “thoughts” of the adolescent, To bring balance to the emotions of the adolescent, To discuss norms, values and possibilities and to help the adolescent learn how to make better decisions towards leading a healthy and responsible sex life.

What are the goals for Sexual Education?

What do we want to teach the adolescent?

We would like to emphasize that it is not the intention to teach the adolescent how to have sexual relations. Sexuality is much more than that, it is a human development that starts as early as infancy and continues throughout adulthood.

What topics are beeing presented?

The topics that will be presented during the lessons to the 5th and 6th grade from the primary schools are the following:

  • The phases of adolescence and sexuality
  • Changes that occur during Adolescence (physical, emotional and social)
  • Knowing your body and hygienes


Introduction video

Important notification

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