Comisión Embarazo Hubenil is more than a committee. It is in fact a platform that had its origin in 2002. From there, this group expanded to a platform consisting of various agencies responsible for the problem of teenage pregnancy. Currently CEMBRAH noticed that she needs support to make it function better.

The aim of CEMBRAH is:

First, to prevent teenage pregnancies, and the other is to guide and help teenage mothers. Rest on the desire to express that CEMBRAH aid will actually receive what ultimately will have a positive impact on our community with regard to the issue of teenage pregnancies in Aruba.


Due to the increase in number of teenage mothers and in particular the declining age of teenage mothers, the ATHA had carried out two studies (continuation of the schoolcarriere by teenage mothers and the support to tienerouders). As a result of these studies the ATHA was approached by two member organisations to take on a guidency part to set on a project. 

  • The support and establishment of structural aid for the teenage mothers and the establishment of preventive care
  • Support for member organisations by giving a course ( 'train the trainers') about the handling of teenage parents and education.
  • For eduction support  the trained employees give the course to the teenage mother and / or teenage parents themself.  
  • Organisation of activities to duidance and helping teenage parents to deal with various relief agencies in Aruba. For example by achieving an information brochure.  

  • The organisation of activities and workshops in schools
  • Structurally consultation with organizations that promote the teenage mothers / teenage parents and helpers to work together.
Offer methodology training to employees within the organizations that work with teenage mothers to improve the delivery of aid. Organize activities to prevent (second) pregnancy. The target population consists of employees within the organizations and schools.

Research, commissioned by the ATHA, on assistance to teenage mothers and their school career has shown that good care for both mother and child is of great importance. Given the shortage of affordable day care, teenage mothers are often forced to stop school. This brings the educational development and the future of the young mother in danger. Also, research has demonstrated that there is a large need for adequate assistance, information, guidance and financial support. 

A registration of the White Yellow Cross shows that there is an increase in teenage pregnancies and that the age of the teenage mother is declining. Both the ATHA, as the members of CEMBRAH are worried about these developments and feel responsible to do something about it.


Wit Gele Kruis

Wit Gele Kruis

Contact: Monique Giel-Labad
Tel: 585 3012

Famia Planea

Famia Planea

Bernardstrat 75
San Nicolas
Tel: 584 9591
E-mail:  famplar@setarnet.awarfamplan@setarnet.aw

Telefon pa Hubentud

Telefon pa Hubentud

P.O Box 5372 5372, Oranjestad
Contact: Jeanine Tromp en Madeline Ridderstap
Tel:  588 6138 (8.00 t/m 17.00)
Hotline: 131 (14.00.oo t/m 18.00)
e-mail:  telhubentud@setarnet.aw
Website: www.telhubentud.aw

Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital

Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital

L.G. Smith Blvd. z/n
Contact: Denise Koolman en Veronica Vermuelen
Tel: 587 4300 ext 294 (kinder-afdeling), 587 0311
e-mail:  d.koolman@arubahospital.com

Directie Voogdijraad

Avenide Milio J. Croes 112
Tel: 582 1262


Departmento di Asuno Social

Caya G.F. Betico Croes 162
Contact: Monet Jones en Gaudy Kock
Tel:  582 3145

Stichting Casa Cuna Progreso

Stichting Casa Cuna Progreso

P.O. Box 733
Contact: Charisse Hoen
Tel: 585 3010
e-mail:  casacuna@setarnet.aw

Fundacion pa nos Muchanan

Cumana 2
Contact: Maria Vrolijk
Tel: 585 7177
e-mail:  info@fpnm.aw
website:  www.fpnm.aw

Fundacion Guia Mi

G. Madurostraat 34
Contact: Maybelinne v/d Biezen       
Tel: 582 0088 / 582 0098
e-mail:  fundacionguiami@setarnet.aw

YMCA of Aruba

Pastoor Hendrikstraat 55
San Nicholas
Contact: Louisa Lake
Tel: 584 5303 / 584 5746
Calabasstraat 1
Tel: 582 3072

EPB- Educacion Profesional Basico- Oranjestad

Pitastraat z/n
Contact: Adriana Dorothal – Contreras
Tel: 582 9791 / 582 9792

EPB – Pariba

Caya Jose Geerman z/n
Contact: Adriana Dorothal- Contreras
Tel: 584 5800 (Dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag),
585 8023 (maandag en woensdag)