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About White Yellow Cross Aruba

The development of a comprehensive strategic plan is essential, which specifically outlines the required actions and strategies that the White Yellow Cross Aruba Foundation must undertake to effectively achieve the significant expansion of its current healthcare services. This plan should encompass a detailed roadmap for extending the Foundation’s service offerings to provide continuous, round-the-clock, 24-hour care to the Aruban community. The plan should include an assessment of current capabilities, identification of necessary resources, steps for workforce expansion and training, and strategies for sustainable financing. Additionally, it should address the integration of technological advancements in healthcare to enhance service delivery. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the Aruban people have access to consistent, high-quality healthcare services at all times, thereby improving overall community health outcomes and establishing the White Yellow Cross Aruba Foundation as a leading healthcare provider in the region.


Frequently Asked Question

  • They have car trouble / traffic jam on the way.
  • They have extra patients due to staff calling in sick.
  • Care was prolonged with an earlier patient, ambulance or doctor must come first then the nurse/brother can go to the next patient.
  • The nurse/brother became sick during the shift.
  • Take into account the patient’s own appointments, for example, appointments with the general practitioner/ specialist/ examination, then the route is turned in a different direction.

To obtain a duplicate, you need to contact the Department of Public Health, Youth Health Care (JGZ) division, at phone number 5224294.
Address: Cumana 80-D.

When you have a request for care or need help, you can become a member of the White Yellow Cross. To become a member, you can go to the Care Store Warehouse or Neighborhood Care building Paradra. Membership has a fee of 100 guilders per year. You can also become a Donor of the White Yellow Cross by donating 100 guilders annually. Your donation goes towards buying milk, diapers, school supplies, and uniforms for parents who cannot afford them.

  • The only care that can be received on the same day is if you visit the office at Paradera before noon to check blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and to receive a vitamin injection intramuscularly.

  • If a washing service is needed, it is difficult to provide on the same day as a home visit must first be made to evaluate the patient and the home situation, for example, whether the bathroom is adapted, if a high/low bed needs to be arranged. An intake must take place.

  • For wound care and injections, a letter from a general practitioner/specialist is needed. Then it is evaluated where the patient will be placed on the route. Materials for wound care must also be present. An intake must also take place.

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Tel: (297) 281-4544
Fax: (297) 588-3724


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