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The development of a comprehensive strategic plan is essential, which specifically outlines the required actions and strategies that the Wit Gele Kruis Foundation must undertake to effectively achieve the significant expansion of its current healthcare services. This plan should encompass a detailed roadmap for extending the Foundation’s service offerings to provide continuous, round-the-clock, 24-hour care to the Aruban community. The plan should include an assessment of current capabilities, identification of necessary resources, steps for workforce expansion and training, and strategies for sustainable financing. Additionally, it should address the integration of technological advancements in healthcare to enhance service delivery. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the Aruban people have access to consistent, high-quality healthcare services at all times, thereby improving overall community health outcomes and establishing the Wit Gele Kruis Foundation as a leading healthcare provider in the region.


The Foundation for Public Health of the Wit Gele Kruis Aruba envisions a future where every member of the Aruban society has access to high-quality and accessible extramural care. We aim to be at the forefront of healthcare delivery, offering services that are not only medically advanced but also tailored to the unique needs of our community. Our vision is to create a healthcare landscape where excellence, accessibility, and patient-centric care are the norms, and where our role as a leading provider is marked by continuous innovation, dedication to excellence, and a deep commitment to the well-being of every individual in the Aruban society.



Our mission is to promote and safeguard the health and wellbeing of the Aruban community through the provision of exceptional, patient-centered extramural healthcare services. We are committed to continuous improvement in healthcare delivery, embracing innovative practices and technologies that enhance patient care and outcomes. Our approach is holistic, encompassing not only physical health but also mental and social well-being, recognizing the interconnected nature of these aspects in overall health. We strive to be leaders in public health advocacy, working collaboratively with community partners to address health challenges and to foster a healthier, more informed, and resilient Aruban society. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to set new standards in healthcare excellence, ensuring that every individual in our community has the opportunity to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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