The Alfahulp department is a part of the Foundation for Public Hygiene of the White Yellow Cross Aruba. The Alfahulp department temporarily focuses on providing assistance to elderly/single elderly people who fall short in their self-care. This is particularly where family care is absent, temporarily hindered, or overburdened.

The Mission

We provide safe care, accessible to everyone, and offer it with sincere attention to the needs of the client, respecting their personal background and culture. We stay close to the client, allowing us to observe and signal effectively, resulting in clients being able to stay longer in their familiar environment.

The Vision

We offer safe, tailored care by giving sincere attention to the client and their environment, enabling us to observe and signal effectively and robustly.

Personal Care

If you are unable to perform certain self-care tasks, we can assist you. In personal care, we help you with general daily life activities such as:

  • Helping in and out of bed
  • Washing and showering (partial wash)
  • Shaving and combing hair
  • Removing prostheses or hearing aids
  • Brushing teeth or denture care
  • Skin care
  • Using the toilet
  • Eating and drinking

We discuss your wishes regarding care with you and see what we can do for you. An Alfahulp worker will come to your home for a personal conversation and to assess your care needs. Based on this conversation, the Alfahulp worker, together with you, will develop a plan or an indication. The care is organized based on this plan.




WGK Oranjestad

Koningstraat 22, Aruba

Tel: (297) 281 4506


Contact Information

Hoofdkantoor Wit Gele Kruis

Koningsstraat 22

Tel: (297) 281-4544
Fax: (297) 588-3724


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