What does a dietician do
A dietician gives information in the field of nutrition and diet. Besides knowledge about medical field, nutrition and diet, the dietician has the necessary knowledge for preparing food in an attractive way. That’s why the dietician is the appropriate person to answer all your questions about healthy eating and how to prepare it. For both individual and group diet advice or information, you can contact the dietician.

During the consultation
The dietician will give more details; variation, possibilities thereby sustaining the diet easier. Adjustment possibilities of the diet during outing such as party’s, holidays, dinners or during sports. Finally, the use of special diet products.

First consult
During the first consultation, the dietician designs a nutrition plan together with you. They’ll take account of the information and data that they have received from your doctor, your habits, financial opportunities and wishes.

Next consult
Together with the dietician you will make appointments for the next treatment. During the next meeting you can make changes to your plan based on your experience and results.

Next consult
With or without GP referral letter
You can receive personal advice from the dietician about a specific diet. Together with the dietician you will make a plan that is adapted into your case en wishes as fare as possible.

With or without GP referral letter
Personal advice
Also without a GP referral letter you can get personal advice from our dietician. The dietician gives advice on: healthy food, suitable nutrition during pregnancy and healthy food for babies and small children. The last is given to parents of children aged 18-24 months old. This will be given during the consultation of ‘Nutrition and dental care’. Finally, the White Yellow Cross offers advice for the elderly and people who exercise sport.

Personal advice
Group advice
This will be given to parents in the forthcoming course for the future parents. There’s also the possibility of organizing information sessions for people who need to have more information.




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