The more you learn about diabetes, the better you will be able to cope with it. If you happen to receive treatment with pills or insuline, it is very important that you find a new balance between what you eat and your daily activities. You will have to learn to fit in diabetes in your lifestyle. A way to do this, is to gather information about diabetes. Information means more knowledge and more knowledge means taking control of your diabetes.

Valuable tips to know

  • Read books or brochures about diabetes
  • Ask your doctor any question when something is not clear to you
  • Talk to people who also have diabetes
  • Go to meetings about diabetes
  • When you experience difficulty with diabetes, ask for help and advice, do not keep it to your self, but talk about it
  • Don’t let diabetes control your life, but take control of diabetes

The diabetes nurse

A diabetes nurse is a nurse who's specialized in the disease diabetes. The diabetes nurse can help you obtain more information about diabetes. She also gives you advice and guidance. All this, so you can be independent and learn to cope with diabetes in an as healthy manner as possible.

The diabetes nurse

Task of the diabetes nurse

  • The diabetes nurse gives information about diabetes; what is diabetes, what are the possible consequences of diabetes and how diabetes is treated
  • She explains the difference in pills and insuline and how to use them
  • She gives you instruction and guides you step by step in how to inject insulin
  • She will teach you how to check your blood sugar level in a responsible manner
  • She gives you information about the symptoms of hypo– and hyperglycemia; how does this occur and what you can do about it
  • She gives advice about foot care
  • She gives information about the possible complications of diabetes and tips how to keep these risk factors as low as possible
  • She looks together with you for a possible solution about problems you might be experiencing
  • She checks your blood sugar level, blood pressure, weight and examines your feet.