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Solid Parenthood (SO) is a parenting support program that was introduced in Aruba from the Netherlands in 2011. This was in response to the research: ‘Con nos ta trata “nos futuro”?’ (‘How do we deal with “Our Future”?’), conducted by Mrs. drs. Helen Guda in 2008 on behalf of CEDE Aruba. This pilot study revealed that 1 in 15 children had experienced some form of abuse.

Solid Parenthood is based on one’s own strength, needs, and interpretation. Those who participate in Solid Parenthood receive six home visits from the SO nurse. She comes to your home to listen, talk, and think along with you. She really takes time for you (a home visit lasts about an hour and a half). You decide what you discuss with her during this time. After all, it’s about what you need. What can you discuss during the home visits?

The conversations usually cover:

✦ questions you have about your child (development, stimulation, upbringing);

✦ understanding your child (recognizing signals, talking with children, stages of development);

✦ what it’s like to be a parent and what that means for relationships with your partner, friends, and family, and for combining it with work;

✦ how you were raised;

✦ which parenting style suits you and your child;

✦ information about institutions, offerings that you might find useful. What you discuss with the youth nurse remains between you and her. If it is necessary to share information (for example, with the child health clinic), she will discuss this with you first.

How can I register? Parents who visit the child health clinic in the Dakota and San Nicolas districts are offered a questionnaire by the colleagues of Maternity Care. If you fill out this questionnaire and return it to the child health clinic, based on your answers, it is assessed whether you qualify for the additional home visits. If so, you will be called by the SO nurse. With her, you discuss whether you want to participate in Solid Parenthood.



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