The goal of community care is to take care of people in their own living environment. Many people are no longer able to fully care for themselves or need help with daily care. Community care offers the following services: home care, wound care, and preventive care.

Providing affordable and quality home care for the entire Aruban population. Meeting the care demand and care needs of the client in their home situation. Offering a responsible care package at a reasonable price.

Increasing the quality of life of clients in need of help and/or care in their own environment by delivering services in the field of nursing and care. By means of more complete and efficient care provision, offering people with an illness or disability the possibility to continue living in their own environment for longer.

Objectives of community care:

  • Providing care and support at home for people with deficits in self-care due to physical and/or mental limitations
  • Providing the right care to the right clients with the appropriate facilities and resources
  • Guiding and supporting informal caregivers
  • Offering preventive activities The activities included in basic care are: complete or partial bed bath, shower, washing lower body, washing hair, shaving beard, and nail care. Activities under nursing procedures include wound care, bandaging, catheterization/bladder irrigation, administering enemas, caring for PEG, caring for urinary catheters. Activities related to administering medication: preparing medication, giving oral medication, eye drops/ointment, administering insulin, medication injections intramuscularly/subcutaneously, vaginal and rectal medication, transdermal patches. Wound care includes care for diabetic foot, pressure ulcers, amputation wounds, burns, venous ulcers, fistulas, skin conditions, external fixations. As part of preventive care, regular screening campaigns are organized. This can be requested by companies, organizations, and hotels. The goal is health promotion and prevention through explanation of results, information about healthy eating, and referrals to general practitioners and practice nurses as necessary. Additionally, eye tests are conducted by an optician as an extra service.


Organization within community care: Community care is led by the Community Care Coordinator, who is responsible for organizing all home care activities. The work is delegated to the Team Leader of Community Care and the Alfahulp Mediator. The activities of Alfahulp are organized from the head office in Oranjestad. Community care activities are centrally organized from the community building in Paradera. The community building serves as office space for the coordinator, the team leader, and the administrative employee. The coordinator and the team leader manage the staff. The community care staff consists of 22 nursing personnel, nurses, and caregivers, and 1 administrative employee. The community care staff is divided into 3 teams, each covering specific areas of the island.




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