Care Store Warehouse Wit Gele Kruis is an institution that rents out aids to facilitate the lives of patients with temporary or long-term physical limitations. We rent various aids including beds, wheelchairs, commode chairs with and without wheels, walkers, crutches, walking frames and toilet seat raisers.

Our Mission: to support patients and families with our aids to make their lives easier in an already difficult situation.

Our Vision: The vision of the Care Store is to provide families with the necessary and quality materials during their medical process.

Our Services include repairs and maintenance of our beds, wheelchairs, and various other aids according to strict hygienic protocols. Wheelchairs and other small aids can be picked up at our Care Store, but we also offer home delivery service if needed. Our beds, however, are always delivered to the home by our staff.

We began renting wheelchairs through the AZV at our Head Office in early 2005. Besides that, our director and several people involved with the WGK had a desire to open a Care Store in Aruba to make the lives of our people easier. July 18, 2010, was the official inauguration of our building. As of November 1, 2010, we were officially open to the public with requests for a few beds per week, but nowadays, this has drastically increased to over 10 beds per week minimum. Based on customer requests and feedback, we do our best to expand our services regarding the rental of materials. For the rental of our wheelchairs, we have an agreement with the AZV. We also have an agreement with the Edmund Harms Foundation to lend our beds to their terminal patients. We have a small but enthusiastic staff at our Care Store, namely 4 colleagues: including 2 administrative staff, 1 warehouse manager, and 1 warehouse helpers.




WGK Paradera

Paradera 131 B, Aruba

Tel: (297) 281 4526

Mob: (297) 699 4422

Fax: (297) 588 1969

Email: j.decuba@witgelekruisaruba.org

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Hoofdkantoor Wit Gele Kruis

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